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Track: Silver Plots with the Crew
Artist: James Newton Howard
Album: Treasure Planet (Extended Score)
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Now you listen to me, James Hawkins. You got the makings of greatness in you, but you got to take the helm and chart your own course. Stick to it, no matter the squalls! And when the time comes you get the chance to really test the cut of your sails, and show what you’re made of… well, I hope I’m there, catching some of the light coming off you that day.


Upon my word, an Orcus Galacticus!


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scaled down WIP of a very important thing

You and Me | Hawkins & Silver

   ”Our only chance of long-term survival is not to remain lurking on planet Earth, but to spread out into space." — Stephen Hawking


   ”Y're on the wrong side’a the galaxy, boy!” Shouted another member of the offending party. He received an additional kick to the gut before two pairs of claws and tentacles grabbed each shoulder of his jacket and dragged him inside. 

   Okay, back up. It would probably be easier to explain how he got into this mess if we went back to the beginning, about four years ago. So it started out like this: he was a fifteen year old boy, not really going anywhere, some loser’s son with no future. He left a heartbroken mom back home kneeling in the remnants of her beloved and broken family inn; coincidentally, she also lost her job— and that was all on him. No matter how hard he tried, didn’t matter where he ran or where he hid, trouble always had a way of finding Jim. The kid was a screw-up and a disappointment. As if his attempts to avoid the lingering sneers n’ leers of entitled aliens abound wasn’t enough, he continued to let her down, the one good steady thing in his life…and he suspected that’s what he was to her as well: both a let-down and still not going anywhere. 

   That was all about to change. Not even a cosmic hurricane could keep him suspended on that blasted hunk of rock. He knew she was afraid of losing him, but if he didn’t do it, right then, that mind-blowing opportunity would have passed him by. It was time to set things right. So with the doctor in tow and lungs full of stardust, he breathed adventure and dedication. Even when the chores stacked up and the orders burned hot in his ears, one look ahead at the vast galaxy eased away his fatigue and he remembered: Treasure Planet. That’s where they were heading and he couldn’t believe it. When he returned home rich with glory painted across his name, they would be reading about him in the hall of fame! Or, as Doppler put it, ’an eternal place atop the pantheon of explorers’. This human delinquent would have located the legendary loot of a thousand worlds! The airwaves would be going crazy! He would change the way people saw him, for good.

   Well, nothing ever goes exactly as planned. He never expected some asshole cyborg to step into the picture. He practically ruined everything…and y’know, it’s funny, because for awhile there he actually cared about the guy. No, it was more than that. He trusted and loved him…and as stupid as it sounded, he still did. John Silver changed him. In the darkest fog, he had been the silver lining shining the way, and now everything was crystal clear. There was something out there glimmering in the distance. He could see it; a future off his bow— and not just his, but the future of the entire human race.

    How in the universes did that happen?

    It’s like, wow, you take one life-changing journey, cause a planet to self-destruct, and suddenly EVERYONE has their eyes on you. The Arcturian Elders, for example, started paying closer attention to the Earth child. They were allies of the “Forefathers”; an extremely advanced group of alien scientists from back in the day. The Forefathers invented an elaborate, planet-sized mechanism that created portals for instant transportation to virtually any place in the universe. They used this device for research, exploring worlds and gaining knowledge of other civilizations throughout time and space. Additionally, they had been working on smaller gadgets with the same capabilities; wrist-watches, which could be used to teleport while on the go. They never interfered or caused harm to any of the worlds they visited, but they saw the potential danger in possessing such power. Their creations could never fall into the wrong hands, so the scientists entrusted the Arcturian Elders to keep the watches safe, and maybe one day they would find a purpose.

   Thousands of years later, after the Forefathers had evolved beyond sheer physicality, planet Earth started to die and humans were forced to wander through open space for anyone that would show them mercy. Most of them found the Terran Empire and the Mucculough Etherium Current inviting, while others continued onward and were exterminated for existing outside of their solar system. Plenty of extraterrestrials believed homo sapiens should have been extinguished with their home planet…and sometimes, Jim agreed. 

   Impressed by the boy’s intellect, the Arcturian Elders soon called on him to unlock one of the watches, and just like the map/key to Treasure Planet, he was able to decipher the pattern in record timing. They bequeathed the wristwatch to Jim Hawkins and strongly advised that he follow in the footsteps of the Forefathers. Perhaps he could go back in time to save his own planet. It was all up to him. It was still his course to chart and there were a plethora of possibilities to choose from.

   Now, here he was, halfway across the galaxy seeking out the same ursid that had caused him so much trouble in the past. Out of all the dumb decisions he could have made, this was the one picked? He followed several different leads (most of which dead-ended) until he finally stood bow-legged outside of a pub situated near the roots of the Lagoon Nebula. Immediately, his gaze caught the familiar colors flying high above brandishing a notorious jolly roger. Pirates. Leather boots stomped up the steps toward twin swinging doors and the smell of something meaty and flavorful cooking inside. Unfortunately, he didn’t get far.

   ”Look’it what we got ‘ere.” Slurred a grey octopus-like creature that reminded him of Turnbuckle. One of his tentacles bent and elbowed the brute near him as if he wasn’t already staring. Everyone was paying attention and as always, Jim hated having eyes all over him. He rolled his own pair within his sockets and continued on until a thick slimy arm stopped him from proceeding. “Oy! This place ain’t f’er kids!”

   That was probably when he landed his first blow. He wasn’t so lucky the second or third try, but he got a few in there before they ganged up and pummeled him until he couldn’t breathe. He was abruptly thrown down on the wooden patio before being pulled inside of the pub in a bloody disarray. His nose was askew while his lips dripped crimson globs down his cream toned shirt. He spit a few times, but the metallic taste continued to overwhelm his senses. Yeah, they got him good. He just hoped that old man was right about this place: The Silver Fish.

   You better be here.


Lagoon Nebula

  Halfway across the galaxy lies the Lagoon Nebula. It was once an interstellar cloud that has now formed a system of stars inside it’s core. Due to the moisture found in the air, bacteria was able to form on the tropical stars which consist mainly of ginormous trees and branches. This is where most of the nebula’s inhabitants live, because the ground below is overrun by thick foliage and dinosaurs. The beaches are covered in leviathan sized crabs. From far away, this nebula appears to be completely devoid of life, and most would normally pass it by. However, if you were to follow a flock of Zaftwings into the spiral nebula, you would discover the world within.

   During the past two centuries, the nebula became a popular port for pirates. It is rumored that the notorious John Silver has recently opened a pub of his own called “The Silver Fish”. 

   In the higher piers of the nebula, you will find bridges connecting ginormous branches together to form a town. The wealthiest of the nebula’s inhabitants live here, along with some select scholars. Further down you will find merchants, inns, pubs, and other homes. The shadiest areas are deep within the roots. Only the brave of heart would dare go there. This is where pirates make most of their transactions.